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April 27, 2010

Midland Media Awards

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The Midland Media Awards celebrate and recognise  the achievements of media over the last year. Encouraged by my university tutor, I entered into the ‘Student Journalist’ category with some work from Birmingham Recycled.

Not expecting to stand much of a chance against the talents in the Midland area, I am truly shocked to have just received an email to say I have been nominated!

The awards evening is to be held at the ICC in Birmingham on May 13, which many of the well known media companies throughout the UK will attend.

I’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed, but I’m extremely excited to just to attend.


April 12, 2010

NCTJ Success

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I’m happy to announce that I have been offered a place on the NCTJ Fast Track course at Harlow College.

My exam and interview went well but I am glad to have the place confirmed.

March 17, 2010

NCTJ Entry Exam

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Now that the end of my degree is in sight – I’m weighing up my options post graduation.

Having been advised to complete the NCTJ course, I applied for a place and now have the details of my entrance exam. Although not 100% sure if the course is the right route to take I plan to sit the exam and wait on the outcome.

The modules covered by the course are extremely similar, if not the same, as those taught on my current BA (Hons) Media and Communications degree, however the course is not NCTJ accredited.

Currently living on the Suffolk/Cambridgeshire border, Harlow College seemed to be the closest college offering the course.  My exam is set for Friday March 26. Fingers crossed.

March 10, 2010

Last contribution as editor

This academic year (2009 – 2010) saw the last of my role as editor of Birmingham City Students Union’s magazine, Spaghetti Junction. 

The final magazine (The Celebration Issue) flew off the shelves, so much so that we actually ran out for the first time in Spaghetti Junction history.

Packed with more student orientated tips, advice and acknowledgements than ever before, my last issue showcased Birmingham City University’s talented individuals.  ‘Celebrating’ the team, the university and the students, my last issue as editor was one of the best the team and I have produced to date.

To view The Fresher’s Issue click here.

July 18, 2009


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Through my work experience with Nktbe I have been able to work for the newly launched magazine, Velvet.

Aimed at a trendy, younger audience than Nktbe, Velvet has allowed me to adapt my writing styles and address a different range of people in Cambridge city centre.

The magazine launched in May 2009 and has covered the city ever since. I have had a lot of feedback from friends and relatives that picked up the magazine without prior knowledge of my involvement in it.

Last Issue 2008/2009… Sad times!

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June Front CoverNew contents layout...

 The last issue of the 2008/2009 academic year was one of the best I’ve seen yet (if I do say so myself!) 

 Our newly recruited writers are amazing, making the content AND layout the best yet.  The Deputy Editor, Poppy French, and myself decided to put an illustration on the front cover to convey the “Education Issue” theme better than we thought a photograph could… and it looks perfect.

The new layout of the contents page was designed to give snippets of information with visual aides to help readers decide which articles they would like to read.

Although somewhat minor changes, the overall vibe for the magazine is on the rise.. with more dramatic changes planned for the next academic year.

Click here to see the full magazine.

May 21, 2009

Cambridge Magazines – The Cambridgeshire Journal

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Producing work for the Cambridgeshire Journal completed my understanding of target audience writing.  Although Cambridge Newspapers have three publications, each has a separate target audience and so different styles of writing are required.

Targeted at a slightly older age group than the other publications meant that the subject areas differed as well.  Being asked to take home a Pilate’s DVD for over 50’s was one of the strangest requests to date, but proved to be the most fun.

Trialing the DVD in my front living room made it easier to write the story, both injecting my personality and opinions into the feature piece. This formed a vital turning point in my career direction swaying me towards the world of magazines and feature writing.

Nktbe Magazine

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Nktbe has been one of the best experiences in my portfolio to date. Not only does this placement allow me to continue whilst at university, it has increased my research abilities and investigative journalism skills no end.

Having worked with the Nktbe corporation since January 2009, I have established a regular feature namely “Six things to do in [the upcoming month]”. As my experience has grown, so has the number of articles I contribute each month. 

Located in my hometown, Nktbe has lead me to discover parts of the town I am unfamiliar with. The experience has not stopped yet, as a sister publication, Velvet, is due to launch next month, which I am also contributing to.

May 18, 2009

Spaghetti Junction

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Spaghetti Junction is Birmingham City Student’s Union’s magazine. Circulated around all eight campuses it is well recognised throughout the university and tried to encapulate all aspects of student life. Working alongside the remaining member of the Media Groups, TigerTV and Scratch Radio, Spaghetti Junction covers the majority of union activities and sports.

Having been part of Spaghetti Junction for the last two years, this will by far be my biggest collection of articles.

The magazine undertook a massive rebrand when it was passed into the control of the students in February last year. Now A5 with a different logo the magazine covers a wide variety of topics.

I became the News and Features Editor in February last year and have loved every minute since.

May 12, 2009

Cambridge Magazines – Style Weddings

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Cambridge Magazines produces two monthly glossy magazines (Style Magazine and The Cambridgeshire Journal) each month and a weddings special twice a year.

Working on glossy magazines enabled me to learn key differences in reporting and researching techniques than newspaper work and also highlighted the flexibility to research topics in more depth than on a daily or weekly paper.

The difference in target audiences for the two monthly magazines highlighted the importance of news angles and story topics.  The Cambridgeshire Journal came across to have a slightly older readership, whom were into outdoor activities and leisurely lifestyles compared to the city orientated genre of Style Magazine.

Both maintained a high level of lifestyle features throughout, but whereas Style Magazine was bursting with the latest fashion trends or quick fix glamour tips, The Cambridgeshire Journal would concentrate on interiors, gardening or home cooking.

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