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May 12, 2009

Cambridge Magazines – Style Weddings

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Cambridge Magazines produces two monthly glossy magazines (Style Magazine and The Cambridgeshire Journal) each month and a weddings special twice a year.

Working on glossy magazines enabled me to learn key differences in reporting and researching techniques than newspaper work and also highlighted the flexibility to research topics in more depth than on a daily or weekly paper.

The difference in target audiences for the two monthly magazines highlighted the importance of news angles and story topics.  The Cambridgeshire Journal came across to have a slightly older readership, whom were into outdoor activities and leisurely lifestyles compared to the city orientated genre of Style Magazine.

Both maintained a high level of lifestyle features throughout, but whereas Style Magazine was bursting with the latest fashion trends or quick fix glamour tips, The Cambridgeshire Journal would concentrate on interiors, gardening or home cooking.


May 11, 2009

Cambridge Evening News

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CCF19052009_00000Working for my local paper proved to be challenging yet extremely interesting.  Comparing the layout and structure of the office compared to the Ely Standard was a good experience and taught me a lot about the differences between daily and weekly newspapers.

Situated just outside of Cambridge city centre, the Cambridge Evening News were very in touch with what their audience wanted to read. Being able to source my own stories and given free reigns to interview, take photos and visit different areas of Cambridge was really interesting, and meant I felt like I was doing the job of a journalist rather than sitting in the shadows observing.

On my return to the paper late last year, I spent a day in court helping to cover an ongoing case in my area. It was in the scenario that the importance of shorthand became apparent (again), as well as the importance of accuracy.

May 10, 2009

Ely Standard – Thursday Sept 11, 2008

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My second visit to the Ely Standard

Based in Ely, Cambridgeshire, the paper forms part of the Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire leg of Archant Newspapers and is produced weekly. With a separate edition produced for Soham Town, the newspaper covers local stories and has reduced coverage of events outside of its patch including world news.

I thoroughly enjoyed the weekly paper and learnt a lot from the concentrated team of reporters. Meeting a trainee reporter was particularly useful as I was able to hear about her recent training and experiences. Attending court for the afternoon was one of the most memorable experiences I’ve had. Not only was I amazed by all the action, but the importance of shorthand was highlighted when asked to write up the article. Comparing my version of events with the trained journalist was somewhat shocking at first. Not understanding some of the terms and missing keys facts made my story a tale of its own.

Note to self: Learn shorthand – quickly.

My two bylined stories proved to be the first time I’d seen my name in print. Exciting!

Where to begin?

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Finally, I’ve started to put my portfolio online.  But how to display it?

Aside from the usual listings of achievements, CV’s and testimonials how should I showcase my work?

Now in my second year of a BA Media and Communications (Journalism) degree, I have a fairly varied portfolio ranging from bridal magazines to daily newspapers and online blogs. Having looked at a variety of portfolios from other experts in the field I am even more confused as to which style to adopt.

Any tips would be extremely beneficial!

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