Georgina Campbell

May 21, 2009

Cambridge Magazines – The Cambridgeshire Journal

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Producing work for the Cambridgeshire Journal completed my understanding of target audience writing.  Although Cambridge Newspapers have three publications, each has a separate target audience and so different styles of writing are required.

Targeted at a slightly older age group than the other publications meant that the subject areas differed as well.  Being asked to take home a Pilate’s DVD for over 50’s was one of the strangest requests to date, but proved to be the most fun.

Trialing the DVD in my front living room made it easier to write the story, both injecting my personality and opinions into the feature piece. This formed a vital turning point in my career direction swaying me towards the world of magazines and feature writing.


May 12, 2009

Cambridge Magazines – Style Weddings

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Cambridge Magazines produces two monthly glossy magazines (Style Magazine and The Cambridgeshire Journal) each month and a weddings special twice a year.

Working on glossy magazines enabled me to learn key differences in reporting and researching techniques than newspaper work and also highlighted the flexibility to research topics in more depth than on a daily or weekly paper.

The difference in target audiences for the two monthly magazines highlighted the importance of news angles and story topics.  The Cambridgeshire Journal came across to have a slightly older readership, whom were into outdoor activities and leisurely lifestyles compared to the city orientated genre of Style Magazine.

Both maintained a high level of lifestyle features throughout, but whereas Style Magazine was bursting with the latest fashion trends or quick fix glamour tips, The Cambridgeshire Journal would concentrate on interiors, gardening or home cooking.

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