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March 10, 2010

Last contribution as editor

This academic year (2009 – 2010) saw the last of my role as editor of Birmingham City Students Union’s magazine, Spaghetti Junction. 

The final magazine (The Celebration Issue) flew off the shelves, so much so that we actually ran out for the first time in Spaghetti Junction history.

Packed with more student orientated tips, advice and acknowledgements than ever before, my last issue showcased Birmingham City University’s talented individuals.  ‘Celebrating’ the team, the university and the students, my last issue as editor was one of the best the team and I have produced to date.

To view The Fresher’s Issue click here.


May 21, 2009

Spaghetti Junction continued… Editor election

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As Spaghetti Junction celebrated its first birthday of student control, elections took place. A new team was selected which I was lucky enough to be voted in as editor.

Handling the change over was somewhat difficult, however my first issue “The Fashion Issue” (featured above) proved to be a success.

After editing the main section of the magazine for the previous year, I found the increased responsibility reasonably easy. My involvement in the magazine now dominates the majority of my spare time, from editing to design and even organising fundrasing events, such as SpagFest 2009.

May 18, 2009

Spaghetti Junction

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Spaghetti Junction is Birmingham City Student’s Union’s magazine. Circulated around all eight campuses it is well recognised throughout the university and tried to encapulate all aspects of student life. Working alongside the remaining member of the Media Groups, TigerTV and Scratch Radio, Spaghetti Junction covers the majority of union activities and sports.

Having been part of Spaghetti Junction for the last two years, this will by far be my biggest collection of articles.

The magazine undertook a massive rebrand when it was passed into the control of the students in February last year. Now A5 with a different logo the magazine covers a wide variety of topics.

I became the News and Features Editor in February last year and have loved every minute since.

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